Installation of windows (ON) : Sidings

We recognize that every home is unique. We make sure that every home is measured to fit the needs of our clients. Permanent Windows and Siding will provide a wide range of windows and siding in different styles that will suit your home.

We always start by assessing your siding needs, looking at whether you want to have your existing ones replaced or have new ones installed. Then we provide you with siding suggestions: sturdy and long-lasting siding options which will fit with your personal preference and aesthetic choices. From there we will start the installation while working  diligently and efficiently. We make sure we meet the set deadlines while not cutting corners.

The materials we use are backed by the manufacturer's warranty, so you can rest assured that your sidings will stand the test of time.

The only thing you'll have to worry about is how to choose from so many types, finishes, accessories, and colours.

Being operation for over 40 years, we have helped thousands of homeowners in the Niagara region with their siding needs. We are the experts capable of fitting high quality windows to your property.